Monday, July 20, 2015

It was back to Canada just three days after the northeast regional race. This time we were in Ontario for a two-day eastern Canadian kart race at Mosport. It was a great track with elevation changes.

Chloe did well on Saturday despite a mishap where another karter tried to beat her out of the pit lane during a practice session that left her with a bent tie rod and broken wheel hub. Sunday's race was a good one and Chloe got her first ECKC podium finish of the season. It was a great podium before we head to U.S. Nationals.

Oliver had a great time at the race too. He can't race, but he has lots of pals to kick the soccer ball around with.

Despite the unhappy look, she really wanted to wear Chloe's neck brace while we were waiting for the podiums to begin.

MiniMax podium on Sunday.

 A photo of the family with Chloe's driving coach, Ben Cooper.

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