Tremblant Vacation

Monday, July 06, 2015
We went to the beautiful mountain village of Mt. Tremblant in Quebec for vacation this year. We brought all the toys--the motorhome, the karts, the dirt bikes and the RC cars.

We picked Tremblant to vacation because of this---

It wasn't the majestic mountain or quaint ski village that brought us to Tremblant. It was for the great kart track where Chloe's driving coach resides.

Don't get me wrong. It was fun, relaxing and good family time together. We did get away from the track and the kids got to play with all their favorite toys. I'll let the photos explain.

Oliver on track with Chloe. Oliver had some driving lessons and really improved his lap times.

We never pack lightly. We brought all the goodies.

Oliver and Papa Ben riding dirt bikes.

Oliver riding the roads around the kart track and main car track.

We went to the ski village one day and Emma Claire took on the toddler-sized climbing wall.

Big sister Chloe took on the big wall and conquered all it had to throw at her pretty easily.

Oliver and Chloe couldn't wait to try the Akropark with the suspended bridges and climbs. They channeled their inner American Ninja Warrior.

While everyone was on the kart track one afternoon, Emma Claire and I picked some of the abundant wildflowers and created this.

The kids begged and begged for a camp fire, so we obliged. Oliver enjoyed burning marshmallows, bits of trash and magazines laying around. It was our one and only camp fire.

Emma Claire in the ski village.

Oliver attempted the climbing wall. He gave it a good effort but he got a little scared being so high.

The kids favorite activity was the Skyline Luge down the mountain on three-wheeled karts. We did this activity twice and the kids still kept begging to do it again.

Last night in Tremblant. It was the 4th of July and we had the track to ourselves!

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