Chloe's New Ride & Rotten Tomatoes

Monday, July 31, 2006
Ok, it's true, we claimed to be cured of purchasing more vehicles but that's before we went to only one car. This past weekend we picked up Matt's "hobby car", a 1987 Porsche 944 Turbo. We began the search for a hobby car, a classic car Matt could tinker with and use as a Sunday driver, about a month ago. We originally set out to find an MG but after looking at several, I ruled them out for being too little. I told Matt that any car we bought had to have a backseat large enough to fit Chloe's car seat. The search continued. We found ourselves one Sunday afternoon looking at a MGB GT at a classic car dealer in Nyack, NY. The MGB did have a backseat, but it was only large enough for Chloe's Cabbage Patch doll. We looked around at the dealer when Matt spotted a green 1969 Porsche. Matt went out for a test drive and Chloe and I were left to look at the remaining inventory. Chloe instantly spotted a blue Porsche inside the warehouse and attempted to open the door. I helped her inside the car and was impressed with the excellent shape the car was in. I couldn't find one door ding or nick in the paint. The interior looked like it was only a few years old, not 19 years old. It was impressive. When Matt returned, Chloe and I showed him the car. Well, that my friends was it. The car was ours and we picked it up this past Saturday after registering it in New Jersey. Matt & Chloe have already been out and about in the car. Chloe was so thrilled by the Porsche that she fell asleep after 4 minutes. She does like the car (as you can see from the photo) and points to it every time she is in the garage and says "Porsche!". Of course, she doesn't want to ride in the back seat, she wants to drive (see photo again).

Today Chloe and I went outside to pick the bounty of our tomato harvest only to discover that our tomatoes have a rot! That didn't stop Chloe from trying to eat one. I was quick enough snatch it out from her mouth. I'm sure PaPaw will have some tips and comments on our ability to farm tomatoes.

We did have a "PaPaw moment" this morning. As we were sitting on the front steps of the house we heard a bird. Chloe informed me that the bird was a dove. And, she was right. Now, where does a two year-old learn how to differentiate a bird's call? Hmmm, if you know her PaPaw then you know the answer.

I am officially connected to the future of diabetes management. This morning, my Medtronic Minimed trainer came by to connect me to the conintuous glucose monitoring system. I switched insulin pumps two weeks ago from my outdated Distronic D-Tron to a Minimed pump with the Real-Time system. The new pump has the latest technology which will someday eliminate the fingersticks with blood glucose testing. The new system is two devices, a pump and the glucose monitor, which is a sensor device that you insert into the fat of your stomach and it reads your blood glucose and sends it to the insulin pump. The pump has a "wizard"/calculator that has been programmed with your personal details (e.g. carb to glucose ratio) and will calculate how much insulin you should take for food or high glucose readings. Chloe was present for the training and watched intently at the whole process. I guess if I have questions I can ask my two year-old. The trainer let Chloe play with a sample pump and Chloe became frustrated when the ... wouldn't stay on her stomach. I hope she never has to have a pump. She only enjoys pressing the buttons and hearing it go "beep, beep, beep". The new system should make it easier to maintain excellent control and should lessen the amount of times I have to prick my finger, which after nearly 11 years as a diabetic still hurts. Anyway, I look like some freak of nature with my pump inserted and my new sensor stuck on my stomach. I included a lovely photo of my stomach showing the new sensor attached. My insulin pump is on the other side of my tummy, but I will save you the pain of viewing that photo too.

Well, that's all for now. Chloe has just found her fingerpaints and believes it to be makeup. Gotta go and scrub paint off a two year-old's face.

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Grant's Mom said...

That minimed thing is cool!!! Technology today always amazes me!!