Independence Day

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy 4th of July to everyone! We had a nice long weekend and a much needed rest for Matt. The start of the holiday weekend brought the revelation that Matt will need surgery on his shoulder to remove a fatty tumor (something we knew already but has been bothering Matt enough lately to do something about it). It also brought a 2nd doctor's visit for Matt, who went to the ER for a painful ear ache. Matt has an ear infection and is now on 2 antibiotics and under orders not to swim anymore. With all that news, we had a nice, relaxing weekend.

Matt and I refer to the village where we live as Mayberry. It is so very "Americana" if that makes any sense. It was really fun to see the 4th of July festivities. Friday afternoon saw many of our neighbors packing their cars and roof carriers and heading out to the beach or other destinations. For those who remained in town, there were block parties.

On Tuesday morning, we walked into downtown for the parade. Chloe was given a little pinwheel by a local bank and that kept her entertained in between the fire trucks. I believe every fireman and fire truck within a 15 mile radius was in the parade. It also seems as if every Mini convertible and bag pipe band in the tri-state area was brought in for the parade as well.

The real highlight of the festivities was the fireworks show. There were thousands who came and spread blankets out of the sports fields as they were serenaded by elderly gentlemen playing songs from the 1950's. Things started to then kick into high gear when the Dad's Night band, comprised of the father's from 2 local elementary schools (one of which will be Chloe elementary), took to the stage. After what seemed to be a 45 minute warm-up session, they began playing the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Killers songs. Matt and I were impressed as that is some pretty hip music for father's of elementary school children who do this to raise money for the schools.

Chloe enjoyed the music and all the people. She danced and spent most of the evening playing the "make mommy and daddy chase me across the crowded field game". Her favorite part was running across everyone's blankets that were nicely spread out and filled with cards, purses, cameras and food. It's a good thing she is young and cute. Many were not amused as she streaked across their blanket and stomped their purse or the cheese platter they had just laid out. It was a riot to her until she got strapped into her stroller because we weren't amused by the game.

Our little village is known throughout the area for their 4th of July celebration and they hold nothing back. The parade and fireworks are not funded by the village but entirely by donations & volunteer efforts, so it is impressive that they can hold a parade and even have fireworks. The fireworks show began with a team of 3 sky divers jumping on to the field. It was then followed by the singing of many a patriotic song. When the crowd finished singing the national anthem, the fireworks promptly began. They were most impressive and long! Our village really threw down the gauntlet to any other nearby cities trying to usurp their title to having the best 4th of July festivities. I didn't think the show would ever end. As soon as the crowd would start cheering, thinking they had just seen the finale, another firework would go whizzing into the air. It was really impressive.

Chloe did well during the fireworks. Many young children were crying around us, but Chloe sat in her Daddy's lap and looked up at the sights. She didn't make it to the end of the show before falling asleep. The days events wore her out and she was easy to put to bed. No tears as we having been having of late!

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Grant's Mom said...

Happy 4th of July!!!! Wished we could have seen Chloe running across the field and you two chasing her! See you soon!!