Our Family Christmas Celebration

Monday, December 19, 2011
We are going to celebrate Christmas with my parents at their home in Dallas. Instead of taking all the presents for the kids to Dallas we had our own family celebration on Sunday evening. We ordered Indian food and opened presents by the fire.

Chloe served as “Santa”—the person who retrieves all the presents from the tree and passes them out. She was convinced this was a made-up duty and we only wanted her to “do all the work.” Despite some sassiness from our seven year old, the evening was one of the best Christmases we have had as a family. We didn’t do any over the top presents this year, we didn’t spend a fortune and the kids really loved all their presents.

Chloe received a sled, a Playdoh “Doctor Drill ‘n Fill” which she played with for hours, a West Ham football club sweatshirt from Nana (which she proudly wore to school today), a dress from GrandDad and Marie, a kite from GrandDad, a DS racing car game, a password protected diary and a Kindle Fire which she adores and feels so big girl.
Chloe with her password journal.

Opening the Kindle Fire. She was a little unsure what it was at first.

Once she discovered it was like Mom's iPad she was all over it.

The Hammers.

Oliver received a jacket from GrandDad & Marie, a West Ham football club soccer kit from Nana, some Matchbox cars & track and the hit of the evening, Buzz Lightyear & Woody dolls from Toy Story. He slept with the dolls last night. He also asked to take them to pre-school today and I had to tell him “no”. He then responded, “I no like school. No go”! After I explained that Woody and Buzz would be here when he gets back, he agreed to go, but he wasn’t happy about it.
Opening his Buzz doll with Daddy.

He can't wait to get it out of the package (which took a lot of cutting, prying and twisting I might add).

Playing with Buzz. He loved him at first sight.

After unwrapping the Woody doll he introduces Buzz and Woody. Woody's first comment to Oliver was "Keep it Down!"

Had to take a photo of Oliver's name on their feet. Just like the movie!

We can look ahead to a week with family, more presents for the kids and fabulous Mexican food in Dallas!

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