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Thursday, December 01, 2011
I have about 14 things that I MUST do today, so I decided to ignore them all together and post an update on the blog! Nothing like procrastination.

  • The weather the past 10 days has been lovely--high 60s! Of course, now that the calendar has turned to December 1 the weather is back to normal---cold.
  • I have begun decorating for Christmas but have gotten sidetracked so my house is half Christmas and half fall. The front of the house has a pumpkin, a fall window box and Christmas wreaths on all the windows. It looks insane.
  • A neighbor walking by commented that she likes to look at my wreaths on the door. Apparently I have the most colorful and vivid wreaths. I didn't know if it was a compliment or she was telling me they were tacky. Most people don't decorate their doors here. If they do, its usually a 6" wreath you can barely make out.
  • Chloe told me she wanted a little sister. I asked why. Her response was priceless, "Because she will be calm because she is a girl and she will be closer in age to Oliver which means they will play together and leave me alone." Had to document that one.
  • Oliver had a check-up at the dentist. I asked the dentist to talk to Oliver about letting me help him brush his teeth. Its always an ordeal and it ends up with me having to restrain him and then waiting for him to stop biting down on the brush so I can actually brush his teeth. The dentist ever so sweetly talked to Oliver about the importance of brushing his teeth and that he must let Mommy help him brush so we can make sure they are clean. She then handed him a prize, a sticker and let him pick out a cool tooth brush and told him he could keep all of that stuff if he agreed to let me brush his teeth. He then looked straight at her, handed her the bag of goodies & toothbrush and walked out of the room. No deal. The dentist said that was the first time a child ever refused the prizes & toothbrush. They usually agreed to brush their teeth for the cool toothbrush. Not our Oliver.
  • Chloe has been pestering us to get her a helmet, driving gloves, driving shoes, and a race suit. According to her,  we are keeping her from driving fast in the go-kart by making her wear her high top sneakers and a borrowed helmet and race suit.
  • Chloe informed me this morning that I was unprepared for the start of Advent. Where was the chocolate Advent calendar? Oh, and she added that she didn't like the Advent calendars I bought last year. It was cheap chocolate. Is she her father's daughter or what?
  • Chloe's teacher is making her bring two pairs of shoes to school---a separate pair for recess and one for the classroom. Kids that go into the playing field must do this as she believes they step in goose poop. This pre-occupation with goose poop has rubbed off on Chloe who now wears her Converse sneakers for recess because I can wash them and remove the poop from the soles. I haven't seen any poop on the soles of the shoes and if there were, why is she having the kids shove them in their backpacks when they change into their classroom shoes? I guess that means I now need to wash Chloe's backpack too?
  • Part of the reason my house has half fall and half Christmas is that we have been hit by the craft bug again. Chloe helped me make fabric balls for a glass bowl in the entry and then I made paper-punch Christmas trees. I obviously have a lot of time on my hands. Matt said I had a lot of patience. Both projects were inspired from one blog--here and here.

  • I am looking forward to the busyness that December 1st brings. We have special performances at church, school, pre-school and holiday parties to attend before we head out early to Dallas for Christmas. Lots of fun to be had in the next 25 days!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful crafts. You do have patience. I just go buy everything already made for Christmas. Looking forward to Christmas!