Bad Things Happen in Threes?

Saturday, March 24, 2012
Apparently they happen in fours around here. It began on Thursday when I attempted to drive the Porsche and backed it into the garage. Nice dent. Thankfully I have an understanding husband who knew how stupid I felt and didn't rub it in anymore. Then Friday, the computer crashed when I was loading CDs into iTunes. It deleted about 4 hours of work. And today, Oliver accidentally dropped the iPad down the stairs and destroyed it just before he went outside and stuck his foot under the closing garage door. His foot is too small to set off the sensors which keep it from closing all the way. Luckily his foot is fine and he has learned a lesson--I hope.
The iPad didn't survive the drop down the stairwell. You can see the screen is broken. Oliver was more upset about the iPad than his foot.

Here's hoping for a great weekend without further incident(s).
Recovering from the garage door incident. Other than being shocked and surprised, he is fine.

We're off to go-kart. The outdoor race track is open!! I am hoping that we aren't tempting fate....

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