Warm Weather Brings Boo-Boos

Thursday, March 08, 2012
Its 74 degrees and sunny which means we get to play outside for most of the day and we have lots of falls while playing.

Fell on bicycle after school--

Fell on the pre-school playground and didn't try to soften the fall--


Edited to add: Oliver got sent home from pre-school for his scrape on his nose the next day. The photo above was taken only an hour after his fall. Today it looked much better but it's in a location where a band-aid can't easily be placed and the pre-school has a rule that you can't have any uncovered wounds. The pre-school called me to tell me Oliver had a "oozing wound on his nose" to which I replied, "Its not oozing, it's Neosporin." The phone was silent and the director told me I had to come get him because they wiped the Neosporin off. I bet that went well. So, little man and I played Le*gos and with playdoh all morning and delivered G*irl Sc*out cookies. Way more fun than having someone chase you with a tissue to wipe your non-oozing nose.

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Anonymous said...

Poor babies!