Saturday, March 24, 2012
I am happy to report that there were no unfortunate events at go-karting this afternoon. We are all back in one piece.

Chloe came from diving to the track. Her diving practice today was at West Point Academy. They apparently have an amazing pool. She dove from the 3m platform for the first time.

The go-kart track was busy today but Chloe got track time to herself with her instructor Tim. Chloe also got her first go-karting apparel--we bought her a bright pink track suit.

Now on to the rest of the pictures....

The next four photos are of Chloe and Tim, her instructor and the owner of the track.

Chloe on track by herself. She is in a kid kart, which is raced by kids until age 9. Its the introductory kart. The next level is Cadet Kart which is raced by kids 8-13 and is pretty hard core. We're not ready to let Chloe take on Cadet just yet.

Matt got on course in Tim's kart. This made me totally nervous as there were a bunch of guys out on the track and it was all testosterone, spin outs and lots of speed.

Oliver watched from the grandstands and enjoyed picking up discarded bottles and throwing them in the trash. (He's kind of a neat freak that one.)

I predict by the end of the summer we will own a kart. I'm assuming this because Matt told me this evening that we needed to trade our RV in for a toy-hauler RV. What could he want to haul in it I wonder?

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