Church Pageant

Monday, December 17, 2012
The annual children's Christmas pageant at church was Sunday. Chloe reprised her usual role as angel (though definitely less smily than last year's performance), Matt was a wise man and for the second year in a row, Oliver did not participate.

Now that Oliver is three, he stayed in church for the entire duration of the performance. He is a little confused that he goes to church and to pre-school in the same building and that church isn't play time.

This morning as I waited in the drop off line for pre-school with Oliver, he talked about yesterday's Christmas pageant and reiterated that he did not want to be a shepherd or a sheep (what our children's minister had hoped he would play) and that next week was Santa's birthday.


I told him Christmas is celebrated because it is the birthday of Jesus.

Oliver was adamant, it's Santa's birthday, not Jesus. Jesus doesn't bring presents, Santa does.

And we just read the Christmas story last night at bedtime. Santa was not in the story. Perhaps we will read it again tonight (and the next night and the next).

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