Holiday Concerts

Friday, December 14, 2012
Today was both kids holiday concerts at school. At the same exact time. In two different locations. It was also Matt's company luncheon in NYC. Oliver was also dismissed from school after the concert, which meant I had to go to that concert and when it was over head to Chloe's school to see her concert. Unfortunately, Oliver's concert started late and we didn't get to Chloe's school for the concert. I was really disappointed. I have never missed any of Chloe's school activities or concerts. I am really upset.

I did manage to snap a photo of Chloe and Oliver before their concerts this morning.

I won the school raffle and got a front row parking spot to Oliver's pre-school and front row for the holiday concert. That means I got great photos and video. SCORE!!

I got lots of compliments on Oliver's outfit (afterwards we went to the mall and a lady told me, "She's the cutest thing. SHE should model!" She seriously needs her eyes checked.).  I thought he looked darling and like a boy. Here's he discovered the zipper pocket on his pants. He couldn't resist.

I also got a video of one of the songs with Oliver dancing. Too funny.

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