iPhone Photo Dump

Monday, December 10, 2012
I haven't done very well posting as of late. We are in the middle of updating our homestudy (another post on that later) which means we are knee-deep in social worker visits and paperwork. It is also the holiday season and everyone is busy.
I looked at my iPhone the other day and noticed many photos worthy of comment.
When the 3 year-old gets a hold of your phone...
You get LOTS of photos of silly faces--


and random photos of yourself out to eat with your parents and children after Thanksgiving--
 I am putting the kabash on Oliver's photo taking with my phone. He believes my iPhone is community property and feels it is ok to remove it from my purse to play on it. I have no game apps on my iPhone as to deter him from wanting to play on it, but he loves the camera. I had to make a new rule that my iPhone is hands-off after he removed it from my purse and then left it behind in a realtor's office. Luckily we got the phone back.

Visiting Cousins....

The girl cousins look happy, the boy cousins not so much. There were some tantrums involved in order to even get this photo of the cousins.

Chloe's Cheerleading Banquet....

Cheerleading is over for the season and each of the girls on every squad (3rd-8th grade) got announced and a trophy at a dinner. This is Chloe's 3rd grade squad on stage for their presentation.

Making toys of the trophies---

Swim Meets....

We have had several swim meets the past few weekends. Two at a location on the Jersey shore. Quite a few of the kids Chloe swam against on the opposing swim team lost their houses to Sandy and we were surprised they still hosted the two swim meets considering the destruction around. The opposing team wore shirts that read, "If Sandy Couldn't Take Us Out, What Makes You Think You Can?".

Their attitude was great, but the heater in their pool wasn't working, which means the water was freezing and Chloe's lips were blue after she swam her first event. She's laying down under 4 towels shivering in this photo--

 Reading to Little Brother....
Oliver begs to have Chloe read to him at night which Chloe gladly obliges. However, its just a ploy on the part of Oliver to get Chloe to wrestle with him. Little brothers/bothers---*sigh*.
We wanted to take the kids to see the Christmas tree in NYC. After Chloe's swim meet on Saturday, we drove into the city to meet Matt, who had to work on the weekend. We didn't think of the fact that Oliver gets SUPER hyper around people. He draws energy off of people and large crowds of people means a really hyper Oliver. Walking down 5th Avenue and looking in windows was cut short with Oliver whirling, twirling, walking backwards, hopping, skipping, jumping, etc. We opted for the pedicab and then took the subway back to the car. We also learned that Oliver and subways don't mix. Our apologies to everyone he ran into spinning around the pole on the subway car. Our family night ended with a temper tantrum when we cut Oliver's "pole dance" short.

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