Kids Photos

Wednesday, August 07, 2013
I took the kids to have their photos taken today. I purchased the outfits on the day we received our referral for Emma Claire.

We had to wait 25 minutes past our reservation time because the studio was booked and they only had two people working. By the time we got into the studio, all three kids were hungry, whiny and bored. Emma Claire dislikes the flash on cameras, so she wasn't happy and it was time for a bottle and she became fussy. Oliver just wanted popcorn and wanted the whole thing to be over, which translated to mad faces and strained smiles for the photos. Chloe was a trooper as always, except she kept asking if she could change out of the clothes and into her high tops and basketball shorts every 5 minutes.
We got some good photos. We got more outtakes though---I am sharing one that is SO Oliver....


Anonymous said...

How do these kids pose on cue!
How beautiful, Oliver is a
beautiful as ever. Emma Claire will learn.

Anonymous said...

What a precious family! Glad to see Emma Claire getting hair!