Track Weekend

Monday, August 26, 2013
Now that we are moved and somewhat settled, we all headed to the track for the two-day club race. 

It was Emma Claire's debut. Apparently she's been expected with much anticipation as people I didn't know came up to ask if this was our new addition. 

Oliver, Emma and I didn't stay at the track all weekend. We shuttled between the townhouse and the track both days, allowing Emma Claire to get her morning nap in. Matt and Chloe stayed overnight. 

Saturday's race proved unlucky for Chloe. She was hit from behind at the start of a qualifying and her axle was broken.  During the final she was stuck behind two slower karts. 

Sunday was a great day of racing for Chloe. She was competitive and made it a race between two others and herself after a collision at the start of the finals. She made a great pass to grab second place not wanting to repeat Saturday's race and get stuck behind slower karters.

We were very proud of her prowess. 

Some photos from Sunday--
Happy Emma in her stroller.

Matt and Chloe preparing for the final race of the day.

Oliver playing on the iPad with some track pals while enjoying TWO lollipops at once.

Helping Dad carry the race equipment by wearing it.

Emma Claire asleep during all the race excitement.

Chloe had a great race, holding off her closest competitor for a 2nd place finish.

Oliver congratulating big sis after her final race.

Proud Dad giving Chloe a hug after her awesome pass.

Oliver only likes the race accessories at this point.

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