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Saturday, August 31, 2013
Chloe is officially registered in the new school district and last week we got to tour her new elementary school. It's a well-maintained school and it has lots of open space. It is LARGE though, 900 kids!! This will be a big change for Chloe and we are hoping that she adjusts well and makes friends quickly. She will also be riding a school bus for the first time.

The school called us the day after we officially registered and toured the school to tell us who Chloe's teacher will be. We also got a list of school supplies the teacher requires. So far, we have done half the school supply shopping. It seems the youngest two don't enjoy shopping for pencils and rulers as much as Chloe and I.

I took Chloe to a children's store to purchase and outfit for the first day of school--one that doesn't consist of anything with a "swoosh" logo on it. She managed to find one item--ONE--that she liked. It was a plaid shirt. I think it may be time to hold a plaid intervention again.

Chloe and Oliver were super-excited to on-line shop for new school shoes. Easiest shopping experience with children ever. Thank you Z**APPOS!! The kids couldn't wait for the shoes to arrive and kept opening the door the following day waiting for the UPS man to bring them.

Are you surprised by Chloe's selection. Only shocker is that they aren't N*ike. She went out on a limb and picked the most obnoxious high-top in stock. It was an A*di*das.
Chloe with her bright teal and orange high-top shoes.

Oliver was more thrilled with his soccer cleats. We signed him up for a soccer team this year. He wants to wear these everywhere, which makes it hard to explain to a four year-old that you can't go into every place wearing cleats. He did get a cute pair of sneakers--bright red--his choice. Of course, he prefers the cleats.

A close up of Chloe's shoes.

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