Christmas 2013

Friday, December 27, 2013
We celebrated Christmas this year with my (Shannon's) parents, Matt's Mum and Shannon's sister in the new house. Its been crazy trying to move, unpack, decorate for Christmas, send out Christmas cards and shop for presents. I'm happy to report that it all got done, even if I was still shopping on Christmas Eve and stayed up late into the night to finish the gift wrapping.
Oliver with his Hess trucks that were under the tree from Santa.

Tearing into the presents.

Chloe unwraps her new laptop.
Surprising Matt with his new TV, though I don't think it was much of a surprise when you take a 4 year-old with you to pick it up and he runs directly back into the house to tell Daddy he got a TV.
Chloe opening up more presents.
Continuing the unwrapping.
Oliver driving his Gator that Santa brought to the barn.

Oliver certainly has the "wonder" of Christmas and it is so fun to see his excitement on Christmas morning. He couldn't wait to tear into the presents---any present to be exact. We had to slow him down so Chloe and Emma Claire could have a turn.

We opened presents in the morning, set up and played with our new toys and sat down to Christmas dinner in the early evening. We had a 25 lb. turkey this year. A BIG bird. On Thursday (Boxing Day for my British husband and mother-in-law), we invited friends over for our annual "Turkey Curry Buffet" where Matt takes the leftover turkey and turns it into a delicious curry.

Chloe modeling her onesie pjs Nana got her.

Matt, Chloe & Emma Claire enjoying sausage rolls.

Ollie and Chloe having fun with Nana with the traditional Christmas crackers.
We got a late Christmas present from immigration today--Emma Claire's Certificate of Citizenship finally arrived!! It only took USCIS almost 5 months to get it to us.

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Teresa said...

I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your first Christmas in the new house. The kids' excitement shines through! Post some photos of David & Belinda (if they will let you.) Haven't seen them in 2 or 3 years, as I haven't made it to the last few Provo reunions.