Look Who's Walking!

Monday, December 30, 2013
Emma Claire decided it was high time to start walking. She's been cruising and walking while holding our hands, but never walking unaided since October. We've been saying for months now that it would be "any day now". Finally, over the holidays, December 26th to be exact, Emma Claire decided she would walk without help.

Emma Claire began working with a physical therapist a few weeks ago to work on some of her muscle tone (and to get her to walk) and it is HIGH drama when she comes to work with her. To put it mildly, Emma Claire doesn't like her physical therapist. While she is a very nice lady, Emma Claire just doesn't like her. She sees her at the door and the tears and wailing begins. We all joked that Emma Claire decided that the only way to get this lady out of her life is to walk.

Emma Claire has been unstoppable ever since.

Of course, we've had our share of falls that comes with beginning walkers. Wood floors not so good for keeping on our feet. Carpet? Sometimes it is better until you face plant at the pediatrician's office and get carpet burn on your face and eye and split your lip. I guess Emma Claire picked the best place to have a bad spill (even if it was her older brother and sister who had appointments and NOT her).

She's getting the hang of walking and has even started to help out with chores, like moving the laundry from the laundry room to be folded, albeit with tantrums thrown in. But, that's how I feel about laundry too. (*BTW, EC was having a pantsless afternoon at home after she made a mess of her leggings--they were in the wash).

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