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Monday, December 09, 2013
We made some great progress on the house this weekend. The important, day-to-day stuff is unpacked and put away. All that remains are the office boxes and boxes of junk, the last minute items that don't fall into a category and we probably should have thrown out or sorted when we moved the first time.

The Christmas decorations are still not up. Later in the week hopefully.

I did manage to jinx myself when I stated Emma Claire is sleeping well in her own room. She was up and down that night but I discovered she is getting in some molars and also has a bit of a stuffy nose so that may have played a factor. She's been napping well in her own room, something she hasn't had much chance to do as she gets carted around most of the day in the car.

Asleep in her crib straight from falling asleep in the car--coat and shoes required for this nap.

Emma Claire also likes to feed herself and in the move I discovered some organic baby food pouches I had previously just squirted in a bowl and tried unsuccessfully to spoon-feed her. We hit the jackpot of letting her "suck" it up. The kid goes to town on these things. She loves them. Our local grocery stores don't stock much variety of them, mostly for younger babies and all fruits with little vegetable variety. I was excited to find a great variety and choice on-line. Really, the kids LOVES these things and starts bouncing with excitement when she sees them. Why I squirted these things in a bowl instead of letting her feed herself with them is beyond me.

We've tried 4 different brands of these pouches and she loves them all.

School is delayed two hours today due to icy roads. It puts a kink in the unpacking and Emma Claire nap schedule as Oliver goes to pre-school before Chloe goes to school today. It also reminds me that I need to find someone to plow our driveway. We sit on a hill and have a slope down to the road. Matt called me this morning and told me to be careful not to slide off the driveway and into our neighbors house directly across the street. Not a good introduction. He is FDNY, so he is probably helpful in sticky situations!

I really like my view from the kitchen sink. It is MUCH better than my old kitchen window/sink view - seeing the neighbors air conditioning unit 4 feet away.

I am trying to avoid the basement like the plague. It's where Oliver and Chloe are spending a massive amount of time playing and where those random boxes reside. That combination equals GIANT MESS.

It seems the more we unpack, the more items I recall we are missing. I can't find my jewelry  and some key files. It took me nearly all Sunday to unpack and put away Matt and my clothes and I am still not completely done. The one negative of this house seems to be the master bedroom closets. It almost seems like an after-thought. The kids bedrooms have better closets than we do. A little tweaking may fix the situation. Unpacking clothes reminds you just how many clothes you have. Matt and I said we are going to make a promise NOT to buy any clothes for ourselves for a year.

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