20 Months!

Sunday, April 06, 2014
At 20 months old, the fingers are still in the mouth the majority of the time.

Emma Claire is 20 months old today! I am getting misty-eyed just thinking that she will be two years old in 4 short months. The last 8 months have been such a whirlwind that it really only seems like yesterday that we came home and celebrated her 1st birthday.

Milestones this month -

  • Emma Claire is starting to run.
  • She is mimicking more and repeating words. Her vocabulary is growing.
  • She wants to be with her big sister and big brother in everything they do.
  • She adores "GeGe" (Oliver).
  • She is only waking once at night (knock on wood).
  • Her nap schedule is all over the place. Some days she wants to nap in the morning and others she makes it until after lunch.
  • She started Mommy & Me gymnastics. It is at the same time Oliver has gymnastics so we are already there. I registered her because I got tired of spending the entire hour Oliver was in gymnastics chasing her off the gym floor.
  • She's suddenly gotten opinionated.

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