Tuesday, April 22, 2014
We had our friends (and the kids God parents) over for Easter. They came Saturday evening to spend the night and Sue brought dinner. The kids and dogs were on their best behavior as usual. Ha! Chloe and Oliver had spent the day at the track and were tired and Emma Claire was overly-tired and Lizzie and Flash decided to stay awake and pester the guests. Welcome to the madhouse.

Once I finally got Emma Claire settled and asleep we sat down to dinner and adult conversation.

On Easter Sunday, the kids were up bright and early as usual. I had their Easter baskets out on display and it took Oliver no time to break into his candy and start devouring it despite me telling him not to do so. He was very excited to go out and hunt eggs and by the time we we went outside he was wired for sound.

Chloe runs through the yard making quick work of finding the hidden eggs.

Emma Claire gets some help from Catherine.

Jelly beans.

She's searching for more jelly beans.
Emma Claire seemed a little unsure of what to do. Catherine, Bryan and Sue assisted her in finding some eggs and once she discovered the jelly beans inside some eggs the hunt was over for her.

Chloe made quick work of the hidden eggs, piling them in her Easter basket while Oliver was busy opening the eggs looking for the ones with only money inside.

The highlight of the Easter egg hunt was the four dozen confetti eggs BeBe and PaPaw sent from Texas. The kids love these and I think they are quickly becoming an Easter tradition.

Oliver taught Emma Claire all about the confetti egg tradition.

Oliver brushing confetti from his hair.

Oliver getting help from Bryan to smash an egg on Daddy's head.

Bryan helps Emma Claire get Chloe with the cascarones.
I made an failed attempt at taking a photo of all three kids but I couldn't get them to sit still or look at the camera all at the same time. This was the best I got.

Hope you had a great Easter weekend.
 Now to the clean up....

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