Friday, April 04, 2014
Fingers crossed, it seems that spring has finally decided to show up. This week we have had warmer temps ranging between 40-60 degrees depending on if there was sunshine or clouds. We're having the daily parade of deer through our yard and I discovered one bush that was putting on leaves has been devoured by deer. It's not been eaten outright, its just been disfigured. The birds are also starting to show up in mass quantities and once again we hear chirps and tweets in the morning. We have also been visited on two occasions by something that likes to eat our trash. I am thinking it is either a bear or a raccoon because it has pulled over our very large and heavy trash container and bent the metal stand holding the bird feeder to the ground.

Yesterday was definitely the nicest and warmest day of the week. I took Oliver and Emma Claire outside to get some sunshine and to attempt to check over the landscape and start making a list and plan of things we need to do to whip the yard back in shape since it had been neglected while the house was vacant. I didn't get very far in my planning when I got sucked into drawing hopscotch on the driveway for Oliver and then a racetrack for his remote control cars. An hour later, we were still playing and Chloe was off the bus and digging out more toys from the barn. I didn't get much accomplished in the way of chores, but it was nice to be outside with the kids and feel that winter IS finally behind us.

Chloe threw her backpack down on the ground after getting off the school bus and started playing.

All three kids playing along the driveway. It is very nice to have an acre of land to play on.

Emma Claire having fun.

Emma Claire thought the blue sidewalk chalk looked tasty.

Oliver got hot and headed for the last of the remaining snow on our property. He told me his ears were sweating. It was only 58 degrees outside.

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Sherri said...

I love that house shown there....beautiful area. Lets hope the sun sticks around for you. It's beautiful here to as always, it's 82 here and will get to 87 over the weekend.