First Concert

Thursday, July 24, 2014
Chloe has a theme song when she races karts. In tough races or when something has gone amiss and she is down on the starting grid, we will play Katy Perry's "Roar" to pump her up. As Chloe's driving progresses and she finds herself atop the podium more, Chloe is also becoming more aware that in her male-dominated sport many boys take offense to getting beaten by a girl and many others see her as a push-over because she is a girl as well.

"Roar" really fits as Chloe's theme song for karting.
Of course we had to purchase the "Roar" concert shirt.

So, when Matt found out that Katy Perry was coming to our area he recommended we take Chloe to her first big-time concert.

Chloe was excited and really enjoyed the concert. She has never been the tween to get up and start dancing or scream when Katy Perry came out. She's subdued. She sat, watching, taking it all in. And Perry opened the show with "Roar". Chloe just smiled.

Everyone was given glasses to view the concert--it made everything light up like a prism.

Matt and Chloe before the concert at dinner.

Matt and I on the other hand had an apparent blast. Capital Cities opened for Perry and we really liked them. Katy Perry also put on a fantastic show. Very entertaining, very empowering for girls.

K.P. floated up on balloons at the end of the show.

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