True Toddler - 23 Months Old!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Emma Claire is 23 months old today and she is truly a toddler. Gone is the baby.

The biggest change this month is Emma Claire's noticeable change in behavior and attitude. She's always been a little bit sassy but she's also been clingy and sometimes timid.

Not anymore.

The kid can hold her own with her brother and sister and asserts her wants with them. Chloe and Oliver have left babying her and now I hear, "MOM! Tell Emma Claire to stop trying to take {insert iPad, pillow, remote or name of toy here}!". Gone are the "She's so cute" kissy-face comments from big brother and big sister and we've moved into "she's so annoying"!

She wants to be a big kid and do big kid things. We've also taken a slight interest in the potty (we like to flush it) and will actually acknowledge we need a diaper change.

She was released from Physical Therapy this month. She's almost to an age-appropriate level and she was released because she has become non-compliant. Emma Claire made no bones about it. She did not like PT and she made that abundantly clear with her temper tantrums and refusal to do anything during the sessions. The most frustrating thing was, when the clipboard came out for her physical therapist to write the session notes (which meant the session was over) Emma Claire would start giggling and high-fiving. She totally knew what she was doing.

Emma Claire remains in OT, which she loves, though I don't know if she will remain in much longer.

Emma Claire also now has three stuffed animals that she takes all over the house with her. She has a cat, which interacts, and two puppies. She really has bonded with the one puppy which she will call "Puppy" and sometimes "Hush" (which is what she tells Flash when he barks or makes his Flash-isms).

Now that the older kids are out of school, I've gotten her on a more schedule naptime instead of her cat naps she would take during the school year when we were running kids here and there.

Next month she will be two and her age can catch up to her attitude!

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