Tuesday, July 01, 2014
Saturday, June 28 was OVRP club race #4. It was a night race. Chloe tested her re-built motor and did well. In the end, she came in 2nd but had the fastest lap times.

We hung out at the house on Sunday, Chloe had a fellow race pal over and the kids played. Matt took the day off on Monday and we headed to the track to unveil Oliver's new kid kart. He was surprised as he thought he was getting Chloe's old kid kart.
Oliver's FA (Tony Kart) Kid Kart. He chose #56 for no apparent reason other than he likes that number.
All geared up and ready to drive.
He looks like he is patiently waiting to go on track. Not the case.

On track with big sister.

In front down the straight.

One proud dad and a happy little boy.

Emma Claire says, "I hope I get a new kid kart and don't get handed down a blue kart. I want purple."

Listening to instructions from Matt.

On track with Daddy following in the golf kart.

Cleaning his kart after a long day of practice.

There were so many people at the track and he was so impatient wanting to drive his new kart. It was pretty cute to see him so excited to kart.

He got in lots of lap times and practice. He followed big sis around the track and also went out with Matt.

Oliver will continue to get more practice in at the track and towards the end of the race year we will see if we want him to compete in the kid kart races.

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