Canadian Club Racing

Monday, May 11, 2015
My Mother's Day was spent at the track. In Quebec.
Whatever, it was fun and my daughter got on the podium for me!
Chloe is running with a Canadian race team this race season and many of our races will be taking place in Quebec and Ontario. Our first Canadian race was this past weekend and Chloe did really well racing in her MiniMax on a wet race day. She came in third.
We brought along two extra passengers this weekend, Dylan and Karsten, who didn't race but were under our watch as their parents competed in a cross-country race (fun). The boys didn't race which meant Oliver had someone English speaking to hang out with, which he loved.
Emma Claire had Dylan and Karsten all to herself until big sister and brother arrived home from school.
Our campsite. Not the most scenic.

The three boys watching the racing.

Chloe on grid with her wets on.

Emma Claire loved jumping in puddles. I think I changed her clothes at least twice daily.

MiniMax podium.

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