Birthday Bike Ride

Monday, May 04, 2015
Along the bike route.

Both Oliver and Chloe outgrew their bicycles so we went to a local bike shop and purchased them new bikes. It's amazing how fast Oliver has progressed on a bicycle. He taught himself how to ride a bike in the fall and now he is on a bicycle with gears before age 6.

We stopped for ice cream at the turn-around point (mile 11).

Since winter finally decided to depart and spring never really showed up, we've enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather (YIPPPPPEEEE!!!!) that's perfect for bike rides along our county maintained bike path. We went for our first family bike ride on my birthday and made the trek from our village and back without any complaints!! That's over twenty miles and Oliver kept a blistering pace most of the time to insure he was the leader of the pack.  It was a great ride, day out and birthday!

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