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Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Chloe had a weekend of two northeast regional races May 15-16. She finished on the podium on race #1 but was crashed into in the pre-final of race #2 that kept her off of the podium in that race. The entire weekend was a bit frustrating and the chassis got bent when she was wrecked by another competitor, a chassis that has only seen three races! Luckily, we got her chassis sorted out before we hit the road for Canada on Wednesday evening to compete in the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship outside Toronto. Unfortunately though, Chloe's motors that were with the engine builder didn't get returned to us in time for the races in Canada and Chloe would have to run on a rented motor (UPS returned the motors as they thought they smelled odd and didn't ship them).
The race was at Goodwood Kartways and we were joined by our fellow racers and friends who stayed with us in the RV (yup, 9 people in the RV).
Our view from the RV.
The kids playing on track after racing.
 The off-track highlight was when Sonja and I went to purchase beer. If you've never bought beer in Ontario, you're missing out. Straight from the movie "Strange Brew" with conveyer belt and all.

Lets just say I burst into laughter and had to leave the store, eh. Sonja had to step in and complete the transaction. She managed to keep a straight face until she hit the exit. When we returned and I recounted my experience to Matt, he said, "Yea, its Canada, what did you expect you hoser?".
As for the racing, the real reason we were in Canada, Chloe started the week off well. When it came to the race days though, she seemed off pace. It wasn't until after Saturday's race that it was discovered that her chassis was bent (again!) after a tangle during a practice session. Once again the chassis was repaired and her lap times improved by half a second!

While Chloe didn't do as well as hoped (she was really disappointed after Sunday's race and it was heartbreaking to see), we have no doubt that Chloe will be more competitive in the next round of ECKC racing when we have her new chassis and her own motors.

On the way back from racing, we stopped at Niagara Falls.

And, just in case you wonder what we do at the track when we're not watching Chloe race, here's a snippet.

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