Complete Randomness

Thursday, July 14, 2011
Random photos from my camera and phone from the past week.

At Chloe's swim meet---I tried to snap the chaos when it began raining, sprinkling really, no lightning, all the kids bolted out of the pool and began acting like they were going to melt. Weren't they in a pool filled with water in the first place? I found it all a little absurd that people would wrap themselves in towels and huddle under umbrellas when they were wet to begin with.
Oliver's face after he got into his sister's Fun Dip and decided to use it as war paint instead.
Matt & Chloe at Candlewood Lake in Connecticut.
Oliver at the pool during Chloe's swim practice. He carries the football everywhere while at the pool and it usually leads to some toddler confrontation when someone tries to snatch it from him or offer to throw the ball to him--which he doesn't like.

This is Oliver's Heisman Trophy shot. And, yes, he's running at the pool and I am probably shouting, "No running!" as I am snapping this photo.

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