Friday, July 15, 2011
A week in my life via Instagram....

Things have been busy with swimming and diving eating up most of our days. We have two swim meets this week in addition to practice. Wednesday's swim meet was 6 hours long!

We have our annual barbecue coming up this week and I have been menu planning and grocery shopping. My food shopping was interrupted Wednesday when we had to evacuate the store because of a bomb threat! I wasn't going to let a hoax stop me and I eventually completed all my shopping once we were allowed back into the store. I didn't get to snap a photo of all the hoo-haa because I was trying to wrangle two kids in a parking lot full of fire trucks, bomb squad vehicles and 100s of people.

I had to make a beverage run for the weekend BBQ and I may have wept with joy when I placed these two cases of beer on the checkout counter. See, this beer just became available in NJ. It has only been sold in the neighboring states of Texas recently and now its making a national debut. It tastes of Texas. It's my favorite, so much so that we named our first dog, a Clumber Spaniel, after it.

If anyone at our BBQ finds this beer unacceptable, then I find them unacceptable and they can go home...without tasting the 'cue cause its a Texas BBQ and you have to have a Texas beer that you can now buy in New Jersey!!

We've had wonderful weather this summer. Not a lot of humidity like summers past. Perfect weather for sipping some iced tea, which I have been keeping in mass quantity in the refrigerator.

I realized that with the evening swim practice and late night swim meets that I haven't cooked a decent meal since summer began! I could only remember making spaghetti. I had to make it a priority to make a decent dinner one evening--Parmesan chicken cutlets, grilled corn and rice. The kids ate it up like I hadn't fed them in forever.

The kids and I went raspberry and blueberry picking. Oliver wanted to hold the container. About halfway through filling the large container with raspberries Oliver decided to try one. He tasted the raspberry, yelled, "Goss!" (that's "gross" in Oliver speak) and dumped the entire container on the ground. Raspberries aren't a lot of fun to pick---they're scratchy and have lots of bees on them. I'm using these berries to make a cobbler for the BBQ. If the cobbler has a little dirt, grass and rocks in it too, sorry. I had to salvage what I could from the ground.

Now, when it came time to pick the blueberries, Oliver was all on board! We couldn't pick those fast enough. Lets just say I had to give the farmer a few extra dollars for the amount in my son's stomach.

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