First Full Week of Summer Break

Friday, July 01, 2011
We're one full week into summer break and two catalogs arrived in the mailbox touting "Back to School". SERIOUSLY? The kids in this part of the country JUST got out of school and we are supposed to start thinking about back to school clothing and backpacks? Not a chance.

So far summer has been busy. Chloe has diving practice in the morning and then its back at the pool in the evening for swim team practice. In between we either spend time at the pool, ride bikes or try to get some grocery shopping done. Thankfully, one of my friends has been taking Chloe to swim team practice in the evening and a few diving lessons so I can get Oliver to bed on time or to other appointments. We've dubbed her Chloe's "swim mom" and she cheers for Chloe and even taped her at lessons.

We've made a few checks on the "Summer to Do" list---we made stepping stones and caught fireflies.

The garden is coming along nicely, though the only thing ready to harvest are the pole beans. I have been mothering the yellow watermelon plant, trying to ensure that it produces fruit for Chloe.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!!

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