Sunday, July 17, 2011
The BBQ was Saturday and I think it was lots of fun. Chloe and I spent the best part of our Friday afternoon prepping and making some dishes in advance so I could be outside with the guests instead of in the kitchen. Unfortunately I was sporadic with my photography and didn't actually get many shots during the dinner.

The Setup---

We had two large tables for the adult and a children's table. Chloe helped me spray paint the mason jars earlier in the week and they were so cute on the table with sunflowers in them. I love BBQ places that have the brown paper on tables so I copied that idea. I also had the last minute idea of writing the menu on the paper.

The Menu---

All the berries in the desserts were the berries the kids and I picked. I prepped the meats the day before and Matt fired up the smoker early in the morning. It may not be the prettiest, but it is the real star of the show---

And, as seems to be the new tradition, there was the washing of Paul's Porsche. Its amazing the labor children will put in if you let them play with water.

And the finished product....

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