Monday, October 10, 2011
The kids were out of school today for Columbus Day so we took advantage of the summer-like weather to take part in a fall tradition—apple picking. It was a gorgeous day, perfect for spending it outdoors with friends.

The apple orchard in NY state. The leaves are starting to change colors. It was a beautiful day.
The apples were hard to find at first. They had been picked over. Then, we looked up. The apples were high in the trees. We were determined. We broke some rules--but we got our apples!

Where are the apples? Most were rotting on the ground. None were within easy picking reach so we had to get creative.

There were no apple picking poles so we had to go to where the apples were. Alex climbs in the tree.

Chloe, Alex and Ben reach for the apples at the top of the tree.

Somebody didn't like apple picking. Oliver was bothered by the squished apples on the ground and the bees surrounding them. He thought it was messy. He doesn't like messes he didn't make.

Maria made everything better. She held Oliver while Mommy was "reaching" for some apples.

An apple!!

Surveying the bounty. We picked $75 in apples!

Friends in the pumpkin patch!

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