A Crafty Day

Saturday, October 15, 2011
Matt had to work today which meant I on-duty with both kids. Chloe had plans. I had plans. Mine involved laundry, sweeping and mopping. Our plans were two very different plans. Chloe's plans won out. We had great fun.

We made a thank-you video to BeBe and PaPaw for the Halloween goodies our postman brought to our house today. The kids had lots of fun playing with the splat balls, funny eyeglasses and blow-up Halloween balls.

Chloe and I made our first loaf of white bread in the bread machine. Turned out great. I was the only one who wanted to eat any.

We had lunch from our local deli. Its across the street from Chloe's school and she asks to go there everyday. Even Oliver has gotten in on the asking. He calls the place, "Candy". "Go Candy, Moma?" he asks when we go to pick up Chloe from school.  Yes, they have strategically located all the candy about 3 feet off the ground at kids eye level. There is no escaping the candy.

Our final project for the day was the mason jar pumpkins. Southern Living magazine featured these in their last issue. They called them Jar o'Lanterns and they were right--lots less mess--and Chloe declared they were lots more fun. Thanks to Hurrican Irene, there is a pumpkin shortage in the northeast and what pumpkins are for sale are expensive. We made 11 mason jar pumpkins for about $10, which is the price I paid for one real medium-sized pumpkin last week. I have yet to spray paint the lids black but here's a photo essay of our handy work.

I bought some orange spray paint at the hardware store. I already had the mason jars.

I squirted some orange paint and Chloe finished it off. We found it was easiest if she sprayed the paint into the jar while I held and turned the jar. You get an even coating.

Chloe's lips are blue from some of the candy she got at the deli. It looks like she is already dressed for Halloween.

We used a paint pen to paint the faces on the jars.

Some of the finished jars on the front steps.

A jar all lit up. This is with a real candle inside but I have the LED light in the outside jars.


Anonymous said...

Great job! The jars look good.

scooping it up said...

cute craft idea! Love it. Your kiddos are growing up so fast!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

What a great craft idea. I love them placed on the porch. I haven't stopped by in a while. Your kids are getting so BIG!