More of a Trick than a Treat

Monday, October 31, 2011
The kids are super excited about Halloween despite the recent events. There was no school today and the town has put a curfew out for this evening. No children out after dark because of the downed trees and power lines. We just had our first trick or treaters at 3 p.m. and they weren't little, little kids either.

I took advantage of having both kids at home today by draping a white sheet and taking some photos of them in their Halloween costumes.

Chloe keeps asking when it will be time to go trick or treating. She is so excited and I am worried that it could be a giant disappointment since many around us are still without power.

It does seem like it will be an early night since there will be no ringing of the doorbell after dark. Good thing that Cars 2 was just released today and I have it on DVD!!

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon! I found your blog via a search for the QuJIang SWI. I am one of those Mom's who is just now finishing my Kate's lifebook. Yep, it's been over 6 years! Time to finish. Love your Blog. The kiddos are beautiful. I will show Kate her QuJiang buddy after school today. Sarah Jenkins