The Pre-Bike

Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Its raining which doesn't make for a very good day to unveil Oliver's new pre-bicycle. I've been researching Christmas gifts for the kids this year. Oliver & Chloe both love to go outside and ride their bikes but Oliver's tricycle has seen better days. In my research I came across a recommendation that tricycles actually make learning to ride a regular bicycle harder. The theory is that children don't learn to balance on a tricycle. If you teach a child balance first then riding a bicycle is easy---all they have to learn is to pedal. And, it looks like a big kid bike, which Oliver is all about. So, I lept ahead and ordered a pre-bicycle for Oliver. If we gave it to him at Christmas, chances are that he wouldn't get to ride it until the end of March. I was going to save it for Christmas, but I figured getting a bicycle on a rainy day in fall is better than unwrapping it on the frozen tundra that can be winter in the northeast.

Oliver was very excited to put together the bike. However, he wasn't as excited once he got on it. It will take time...I hope.

Here's a video of Oliver's reaction. And in case you don't want to be deafened by a 28 month-old, a general summary is this--Oliver has an unnatural fear that Flash the dog is going to eat the bicycle. He thinks his bike is cute like a puppy but he would rather play with his cars or watch Max & Ruby.

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