Friday, November 04, 2011
As I pulled into the pre-school parking lot, I was still on cloud nine, thinking of my sweet Oliver, who just a few hours before at drop off had given me a big bear hug and yelled out, "Mommy, kiss me!" with his arms open wide. So sweet. Then I walked in the door to see my boy and he threw a toy dump truck at me, knocking me right off that cloud. He wasn't trying to injure me and he wasn't mad at me. He was excited to see me walk in the door and hurling a dump truck was how he showed it (FYI: he tackles his sister when he is excited to see her come out of school each day).

Oliver brought this home from school today. It was supposed to be for the Halloween party, but that was canceled thanks to the snow storm. So cute!!

Chloe had a play date this afternoon and it was just Oliver and I. He wasn't too happy about Chloe not being around so we played downstairs with the train table. I'm not sure which he likes better, pushing the train on the tracks or dismantling the tracks.

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