What Oliver Does at Chloe's Swim Meets

Sunday, November 06, 2011
Do I sit and watch my sister and her team mates swim laps in a loud, giant room that's warm and smells like chlorine? PUH-LEASE!! I'm two! I don't sit in the bleachers and cheer...I want to play.

Thank heavens for YMCA's and their playgrounds.
Here's a video of Chloe at the swim meet. This is the relay and there are four swimmers, of which Chloe is the anchor (last) swimmer. Of course, Matt and I didn't know that and you can hear us debating which swimmer is Chloe from the parent bleachers high above the action. Her group is in the lane on the far left of the screen. You can tell from the video that Chloe's swim team needs to work on their starts from the block--the relay was lost from the very beginning. But, Chloe loves relay and thinks it is so much fun!

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