Saturday, November 26, 2011
For a while now Chloe has been asking Matt to take her go-karting. We checked into a couple of indoor go-kart/amusement places and they allow seven year olds to drive, but Chloe doesn't meet the height and weight requirements--they're a one size go-kart and they can't adjust or make modifications to them.

And, lets get real, did you think when one of Matt's kids told him she wanted to go go-karting that he would really take her to your run of the mill putt-putt and go-karting place? I'm fairly certain that's what Chloe had originally thought when she said she wanted to drive a go-kart but we found this place instead.

Its some distance from us in NY state and so we decided to make a day of it and drive up to check the place out yesterday. Lots of young boys and girls practicing their skills for club kart racing or kart racing nationally.

We met the owner, Tim, who was a super-nice guy and he showed us all the karts and told us about the kid kart racing club. Chloe was excited to learn to drive a go-kart especially when she saw the other kids on the track and we made an appointment to have Chloe's first kart racing lesson with Tim today.

The lesson was 2.5 hours and Chloe got to wear all the protective gear and her favorite, the race overalls. The lesson began with a lesson on braking and using the gas and then Tim took Chloe out on the track.

Tim instructing Chloe before she goes out on track for the first time.

Chloe and the kid kart she drove for the day.

Firing up the engine to go on track for the first time.

Chloe did fantastic and had lots of fun. Oliver was a little disappointed that he couldn't drive a kart, but he enjoyed running around with Mommy and watching the karts & motorcycles on the unseasonably warm, sunnny day.

Oliver playing with the iPad.
 After the lesson was over, Chloe got to go back on track with Matt and both of them loved that. She even had a spin out. We are taking the karting slow with Chloe and are approaching it with a wait and see attitude---which means we aren't rushing out to buy her a $6500 super-tuned kart anytime soon! Of course, a super-tuned kart for Matt is a different story....

Looking good!

Chloe following Tim in her first lesson on track.

Chloe takes a turn.

Of course, we had to be fitted with the GoPro camera so Chloe & Matt could analyze her driving at home.

Chloe (with the GoPro on her helmet) and Matt on course.

Danica Patrick, eat your heart out.

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