Not Sure What I Was Thinking

Wednesday, November 09, 2011
Last year I paid a professional photographer to take photos of the kids. The editing and proofing process took a really long time and I wanted to use the photos for Christmas cards. The entire thing stressed me out so I thought that Iwould take the photos this year since I have a nice DSLR camera and there are some great spots outdoors to snap photos. It all worked out in my mind....

Today was a beautiful day and there is no school the rest of this week. This morning, I set out to get the kids dressed and ready but it all went terribly wrong when I wiped a certain toddler's face. What followed was a 1 hour temper tantrum and rage-enduced vomiting.

Later in the afternoon, everyone seemed to be in better spirits so I got the kids ready and headed out the door to our favorite outdoor photo spot in a nearby county park. In other words, the same location our professional photographer took us to last year. Upon arriving at the county park, we discovered that there was lots of damage from last week's noreaster and much of the park was off limits, including our photo spot. So, I went to another county park a couple of miles away. I managed to snap a few photos before my DSLR decided to stop working. Unfortunately, most of the photos were of Chloe, who sat nicely for the photos. Oliver was already covered in dirt before we even took the first photo.

Hopefully, Matt can figure out what is wrong with my camera and we can make a second attempt at Christmas card photos. If not, looks like I will be making an appointment with a professional photographer.

In the meantime, I leave you with the best of what I got today.

Chloe--she listens and sits and smiles while Oliver runs amuck.

I managed to snap this as Oliver was walking by to throw rocks. He is NOT posing believe it or not.

I'm thinking that this photo may be the Christmas card winner. It's just not what I imagined I wanted though.

So Oliver. He's showing me some rocks he just picked up. I so wanted to get the kids outfits in the photos because I think they are darling.


Marie said...

It is lovely photos!! Just great, you are such a good photographer. Miss you all a lot. Lots of hugs Marie

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Wonderful photos!