Another Win!

Sunday, June 03, 2012
We spent another weekend at the track for club racing. Chloe took first place and continues to improve her lap times in her kid kart. Before the weekend was through, Chloe broke into the 49 second lap time. Chloe pumped her fists into the air when she took the checkered flag in first which then caused her to spin out. It was pretty cool and I believe she meant to do that ;)!

We learned this weekend that people tend to cheer and support the girl competiting in a male-dominated sport, especially when she is winning.  Chloe was a crowd favorite and got lots of cheers and applause from the paddock and grandstands during her races. But, we also learned that your male competitors and their parents may not be so gracious when a girl beats them.

Oliver declared that he wanted to ride "this bike!".

Oliver, always looking for ways to get stitches.

Matt and Bryan taking Chloe's kart to the track.

Chloe during the warm-up lap.

Chloe takes the checkered flag!!!

Oliver, who refused to go to sleep at a reasonable hour the night before, sleeps during the entire kart race---over 3 hours.

A proud Daddy brings Chloe's kart back to the paddock.

Chloe receives her trophy from Tim.

1st Place!

Matt brought it to my attention that Chloe reminds him of Sarah Connor in The Terminator because she runs around the track in her race suit pulled down showing her rib protector like she's ready to do battle. It cracks me up.

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