Chloe's 8th Birthday

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today marks Chloe's 8th birthday. BeBe flew in from Dallas and I picked her up while Chloe was at school. Chloe was very excited to wear the birthday sash in class today, but her teacher was out sick today and Chloe said the class was wild and kind of ruined her celebration.

After school we took Chloe to the hobby shop and BeBe bought her a RC car she can run on the dirt track at OVRP. Chloe was super-excited.

I made Chloe's favorite meal, spaghetti, and then we had cake and opened presents. After presents, Chloe and Matt took the RC car outside and put on a stunt show for everyone.
Matt lights the candles on Chloe's cake. She really thought the cake was cool and loved the little toy go-kart I topped the cake with.

Blowing out the candles.

Oliver didn't quite understand the concept that it was Chloe's BIRTHDAY and not his. He will get his chance in two days for his third birthday.

He did enjoy the cake though.

Chloe only wanted a small piece and only ate cake, no fondant.

Stick on nails--an 8 year olds dream.

Chloe loved her shirt from Grandad and Marie.

Oliver gave Chloe Fijits.

The birthday celebration ended with a stunt show.

Happy 8th Birthday Chloe!!!

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