A No-Nap Summer? NO WAY!

Friday, June 01, 2012
For the last two weeks Oliver has not been napping. I am not ready for nap time to be over. Summer's coming. No naps? No way.

I laid Oliver down for a nap today and went to the basement to tackle the 100 loads of laundry we've amassed. I was carrying some folded clothes upstairs when I noticed the main bathroom light was on. I opened the door to find Oliver on the floor playing with his sister's iPad. The thing is he got out of bed, came downstairs, got his sister's iPad and went back upstairs. That's sneaky. Last week I caught him in the half bath with his sister's iPad when he was supposed to be napping. Day before that, he was sitting on the stairs with his sister's iPad when he should have been napping. He's getting better at hiding and he's already super-quiet climbing out of bed and opening his door.

I took him back to bed. Put the clothes away and went back downstairs to keep washing clothes. After another load, I turned to go upstairs when I was greeted with a grimacing Oliver looking down at me from the top of the stairs. He had his finger pointed at me and informed me, "Oliver is not napping, ANYMORE! Oliver doesn't like naps, ANYMORE! You not make me nap, ANYMORE!"

Can you tell he really likes to use the word anymore?  I need to record him saying it. It comes out of his mouth in three distinct syllables, "ANY" and what sounds like "MOW-ER". He is super-expressive when he uses it, oftentimes saying it with his hands on his hips or my personal favorite is when he says it and looks like he is pulling a sword from a scabbard at his hip. It's too funny.

Despite his declaration, I am still attempting nap time. Perhaps we shall just call it a quiet time? And I am putting the bathroom on lockdown and hiding all iPads.
Oliver, sporting his Union Jack shirt in honor of the Queen's Jubilee. He's all smiles despite not having a nap. Grrrr....

In the meantime, we are prepping for summer. Chloe STILL has three more weeks of school. It is so painful to read all the postings of people's summer fun on FB. It wouldn't be so bad if we started school three weeks after them too. But, we don't. We somehow start a week to a week and a half after everyone but get out three to four weeks after they do. Our school has too many holidays in the calendar!!

Tomorrow is sign ups for the summer swim league. I had to go to the municipal office to re-join the pool for the summer. I stood at the window for 10 minutes waiting and watching the secretary drink coffee, eat a bagel and read a book. She still didn't get up when I politely asked if I was at the correct window for the municipal pool. She only responded with "yes". I kept looking behind the window to see if we were waiting on someone else to come and help me. It wasn't until someone else walked up to register for the pool that she said, "Ok, I'll help you now." Honest. I would have said something but we don't live in the town, we just go to their nice pool, and as an out-of-towner she has the right to deny you membership. And that membership is our summer weekday plan. So, I bit my tongue and she renewed my membership.

Of course, after I do all of this, Chloe says she doesn't care if she swims this summer. She wants to "chill out and relax" and go-kart. Yea, that went in one ear and out the other. I'm signing her up tomorrow for the swim team and diving team. Chill out and relax....whatever, I'd give her one day before she was declaring she was bored.

Chloe, chilling out watching go-kart videos after a hard day at school--they went on a field trip to the Bronx Zoo. Apparently she was stressed out because they wouldn't let them ride the camels and she needs to relax after that injustice.

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