Oliver's Cake Fail

Monday, June 18, 2012
I had big plans for Oliver's cake. Oliver had requested a chocolate cake with candy and I had a cute one in mind but the cake was a epic fail. For all my success with Chloe's cake, Oliver's ended up being a huge failure.

The plan was to make two chocolate bundt cakes and cut it into the shape of a 3, glaze it and decorate the whole thing with rainbow candies. That was the plan....

I am fairly certain I know where the plan went wrong. I used a recipe for a chocolate cake I had never used before (mistake #1) and after I mixed the batter for cake #1, I opened a new bag of flour, a brand I don't usually use (mistake #2). Long story short, my first cake (with the flour I usually use) came out just fine, after I switched flour, the cake would rise, spill over the pan and then collapse. My second cake came out about 1 inch tall. The third cake came out looking fine and crumbled and collapsed after it was cooled off and released from the pan.

The cake batter.

The third attempt collapsed.
 I wasn't going to attempt a fourth cake, so I resorted to the boxed variety.
It was a white cake, its all I had, but I knew it would work.

The first cake. The only chocolate cake that was a success.

So, I improvised, one half of the cake was chocolate, the other half was a boxed white cake. I used a chocolate glaze to cover the cake, but it was too runny and the candy pieces wouldn't stick and stay.
The glaze.

My separated, colored candy pieces.
 The whole cake was to be covered in candy, but I had to improvise. It was also 1:30 a.m. by this time and I was beat.
The finished cake. No where close to what I had planned.

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