Making Valentine's Cards

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
I "phoned it in" a bit this year on Valentine's Day*. I usually begin thinking about the kids Valentine's cards in January, but my attention was elsewhere this year as we were expecting our referral. I did have grand plans involving photos and lollipops, etc. It wasn't in me this year and I am starting to learn that Chloe just likes writing her name on the Valentine's cards and making her Valentine's box for all the cards from her classmates. She doesn't care if we watercolor or pastel crayon a hand-drawn Valentine's card.

This year, I began thinking about Valentine's on Tuesday. As in two days ago.

I owe all my ideas to other people (why reinvent the wheel I say) via Pinterest and Google. Thanks ever so much. After searching, buying needed supplies, printing, cutting and assembling, it was all done in two hours.

Chloe's class frowns on candy, so I bought Fruit by the Foot and found this Valentine's printable here. You can put a lot of candy with this card---Rolos, Tootsie Rolls, Fruit Roll Up, etc.

Oliver's Valentine's are super hero lollipops. I stumbled upon this one accidentally and thought it was super cute. You can read how to make them and find the printable here.

Oliver's pre-school class celebrated Valentine's today. All Oliver wanted was his lollipop. He was pulling a "Veruca Salt" this morning with an "I want it NOW!" and trying to convince him this morning that he would get to share the super hero lollipops with all his classmates was difficult to say the least. He had a great time at the Valentine's party and of course, the first thing he wanted was his lollipop. I did make him sit and look at each Valentine from his classmates before he got his lollipop, which he did somewhat oblingingly.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

*I know it would be easier to go to the store and buy the pre-made cards and have the kids fold them and put their names on them. Not going to happen. I like making Valentine's with the kids, but I did see this posted on a few blogs that I read regularly. Perhaps I need to read these ladies new book coming out, Minimalist Parent?

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