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Monday, February 25, 2013
After we got our referral, we contacted Ann at Red Thread China and had a care package sent to Emma Claire at Suihua SWI. In the care package was a stuffed animal, some treats for the nannies for Chinese New Year, a note and a flash drive for photos.
A photo of the care package and translated letter Ann sent to Suihua on our behalf.

The package was delayed getting to the SWI because of Chinese New Year, but it arrived last week and when we woke up this morning, Ann had sent us the photos she received of Emma Claire.

I am thinking that Emma Claire is teething as her hand is in her mouth in a lot of the photos. It also took us a while to notice that there is a tape measure in one of the photos and Emma Claire is about 67 cm long.

We got 7 photos in total, but these three are my favorites....

I should note that I showed the photos to Oliver who commented, "She's beautiful". Awwww. Then he said, "That's not Emma Claire. She's a baby and Emma Claire is not a baby!". Ugh.

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Laura Marino said...

WOW, she is SO beautiful!!