Friday, February 15, 2013
I woke up this morning with the feeling that I couldn't just sit around anymore and wait. I'm tired of waiting for our homestudy agency. I am tired of politely asking them each week to forward the draft of our homestudy to our placing agency so that they can review it. I needed to light a fire, so at 7 a.m. I began making calls and leaving voice messages. I called our referral counselor with our placing agency and had a slight meltdown on the phone. I am sure she was super thrilled to get it when she arrived at her desk, but she called me back first thing (I am on EST and she is on CST) and was super nice and reassuring. I felt better.

About an hour after we spoke, I got an email from her, she managed to finally get the draft of our homestudy from our homestudy agency. Its only been ready for review for three weeks. Perhaps my rant on their voicemail finally worked?

And, if by magic (or another tantrum via email) our homestudy agency also made some calls to the two states that hadn't returned our child abuse clearances and found out we cleared.

The frustrating four months of a home study update SHOULD be coming to an end next week!!!!
Our home study should be complete and FINALLY  ready to submit with our i800A and we can get the US immigration ball rolling so we can go to China and pick up Emma Claire ShiWen!!!!

Here's hoping it doesn't take our home study agency three weeks to make our placing agency's edits and revisions to our home study.

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