The Weekend After

Monday, February 04, 2013
We had lots of calls from family and friends and lots of congratulations. Some people were surprised that we continued with the adoption and others shared memories of when we began the adoption that we had forgotten, like Chloe always drawing Emma Claire's stick figure as part of her family when they colored at pre-school.

We had lots to keep us busy this weekend and also lots of time to look at her referral photo and read about her province (which is VERY cold BTW, like -21 degrees F cold).

Chloe had the NJ state Y swim championships this weekend. She swam her personal best in freestyle.

Matt and Chloe went skiing on Sunday. Matt texted me a photo of Chloe sitting by a fire apres ski. Oliver and I went to church and played Hungry Hippos all afternoon, which was a huge hit.
I was really happy that we got our referral on Friday evening and didn't have to wait through the weekend to get it on Monday, which many people had to do.

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