A Month Home

Sunday, September 01, 2013
She really does smile. I promise. And, she doesn't usually run around in just a diaper. Her brother "accidentally" spilled milk on her.

Emma Claire has been home for a month now. She is showing her personality more and more each day. She is still easy-going though we are discovering that she isn't a push-over. She is sleeping through the night though getting her to go to sleep at nap and night time can be challenging.

Her hair is growing and she is developing my favorite baby hair style--sticky up hair.

We are learning to point and recognize the names of family and body parts--she knows her nose and hair so far. The other day I asked her "Where is Daddy?" I expected her to point to Matt. Instead, she said, "There he is!". We were all surprised!!

She loves to stand and thinks it is hysterical if you let her try to stand on her own and wobble around and catch her.

She has yet to master feeding herself and her pincer grip is not yet there.

She has a doting big sister and her big brother loves to show her how to knock down towers and stacking cups.

She has 6 teeth with two more coming in on the bottom.

She's had some big changes the last month, not only did she leave the only home she's ever known, her nanny and come home to people who speak a different language and to a different time zone, but she also moved homes with us. Thankfully, it hasn't hampered bonding and she has been very adaptable.

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