First Day of School

Monday, September 09, 2013
Today is the first day of school. Both Chloe and Oliver started at their new schools. I didn't sleep well last night. I tossed and turned and prayed and hoped that Chloe would have a great day and make lots of friends in 4th grade.

I was a nervous wreck this morning. I wanted things to go perfectly for Chloe, who seemed nervous.

She disapproved of my snack choice I packed her. Her beloved seaweed. She told me she couldn't take that on the first day of school! What would the others think?

We opted for Sun chips instead.

We took the obligatory first day photos and we hurriedly packed into the car and I fretted that Chloe would be late for the first day as we creeped along at 15 miles an hour behind a driveway sealcoating truck.

Our rental "town"house is anything but in town. Its in the sticks where its hard to get cell phone reception and I had to complete a rural post delivery form in order to get our mail. Its another 10-15 minutes further from the school than the house we are purchasing.

We made it to school with time to spare. I walked Chloe to the front, saw the assistant principal and asked that he help Chloe make it to her classroom. I then ran back to the car and started crying/sobbing. I really hope things go smoothly today for Chloe.

I then drove Oliver to preschool, trying to keep my black mascara from running down my cheeks. We were the first to arrive at Oliver's class and his first words to his new teacher were, "My mom cried this morning in the car! Yea, I heard her."

As I explained why I was crying to his teacher, Oliver toddled off, happy to be back to school and didn't seem worried that he knew none of the other children. He was ready and didn't even look back! He had found his cubby, unpacked his backpack and was already playing with the other children.

I prayed things went as smoothly for Chloe.

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