Golden Ticket Race

Sunday, September 08, 2013
This weekend was the BIG race weekend for the "golden ticket" to the Rot*ax world's in November. Chloe has been improving her times and is beginning to challenge the leaders. In preparation for the big weekend (and since it was a holiday), Chloe and Matt went to the track to practice on Thursday and Friday. Chloe's kart was running fantastic and she had great lap times during practice. Unfortunately, when it came time to the actual race day, Chloe's kart wasn't running as well as it had previously. Chloe still managed a third place finish on Saturday.

Chloe receiving her 3rd place trophy after Saturday's race.
Saturday's podium. Some of the top micro drivers in the country.
Matt changed the motor in Chloe's kart to get the performance back for Sunday's race. Chloe qualified 4th and at the start of the race she was punted off track by another racer. Chloe fought back, passed three drivers (including the kid who knocked her off-track) and made it back to 4th, where she ended up finishing for the race. Chloe was disappointed in the outcome but during tech inspection, two drivers (1st and 3rd place finishers) were disqualified and Chloe came in 2nd.
Chloe making her way back to the front of the pack.

Oliver at the awards ceremony with TWO lollipops.

Sunday's podium.

Sunday's podium with the golden ticket winners.

Chloe didn't get the coveted "golden ticket", but a her close pal did, as was expected.

As Chloe continues to improve, its been recommended we begin letting her race in the bigger, national race events which means we will be spending a lot of time in Florida this winter racing in the winter tour.

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